Friday, March 20, 2009


Just getting ready to begin my invites when I think, Hmm, I'd better put my hair up!  So I toodle on in to the bathroom and am pulling my hair into a ponytail when SNAP.  Something in my neck cracks and I am writhing in agony :S

So now, I sit here, unable to move my head whatsoever, contemplating exactly how I am going to do these invites in this state.  But now I am also thinking how stupid I have to be to crack my neck while brushing my hair!  Yes, I am a wally :D

So all in all, I'm not too bad, I guess, I'm not dead, just injured.  I will find a way to do these suckers TODAY!  :D

And for anyone who has seen the latest Burgen bread ad...


I'll keep you posted.


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