Friday, July 10, 2009

Watoto Preparations

Hi girlies :)
Today I'm headed down to Seagulls (a theatre on the southern side of the coast) to get ready for Watoto Children Choir's arrival. My local church are hosting the kid's choir for a weekend as they do an Australian tour. For any of you girls who don't know who Watoto are...

They are an African kid's choir dedicated to improving the way of life for children in Africa. Most of these kids are orphans. Watoto means 'children' in Swahili.

So yes! Very excited I am :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Challenge Chics... Take Two.

Hello to all!
Sorry, it's been a while :S
I've been busy... yuck.
And now I cannot even remember how to set out my posts etc.
But I'm back now, so whoo-hoo!
Okay, I've been over at the second edition of Deb's Creations for about a week now :)
Fun fun!
They had a cybercrop the w/e just gone, found myself going WHOAH. I need to scrap shop! Haha :)
So I shall.
Scrap away Cass!
Sorry Gayatri, copyright laws :S
Haha hope everyone's good good.